Unresolved symbols on Linux hosted environment

Dear Sirs,

We are having problems running our application.

Developing Enviroment.

  • Qnx Momentics Linux Hosted.
  • Linux Distribution Red Hat 9.

We are developing a class library using C++ language.
Some classes in this library have methods that use the following functions:
settimeofday and gettimeofday wich are implemented in the LIBC library. The
creation process of the library runs without any errors. The creation of the
application that uses the library also runs without any errors. When we try
to run the application on our QNX Target System we get the following error


The unresolved symbol is not listed.
How do I know which are the unresolved symbols?

String related functions of the C++ Standard Library have the same problem.

When those functions from libc are being used from a program built with
Momentics, there’s no such problem. It happens only when we’re using a
dynamically linked library.

When the library is built on the QNX system, instead of using the Linux
version of Momentics, everything works correctly.

Rogério B.M. Lafayette