rational rose + QNX 6.30 PE code generation question...


We have Rational Rose Real-Time Edition and QNX 6.3.0 on WinXP. I am
doing the “HelloWorld” example.

  1. in the component specification view, when I select a target
    configuration, there are two choices:

a. NEUTRINO630S.x86.gnu.2.95.3
b. NEUTRINO630T.x86.gnu.2.95.3

what is the difference between the ‘S’ ant the ‘T’ option? Which one
should I use and when?

  1. regardless of which choice I select, I get a compile error (within
    Rose itself) that says:

/cygdrive/c/QNX630/host/win32/x86/usr/bin/ntox86-ld: cannot open
C:/Program: No such file or directory

what is this ‘C:/Program’ ? Why do we need it, and what is the content
of it?

  1. Finally, do we have a tutorial on Rational from the QNX perspective?
    I have searched, but I have not found one yet.

    Thanks for your help.