Create Bootable disk from QNX 4.23


I’m using QNS OS 4.23A on an machine. How can I create a bootable disk from the hard disk like sys @dos?

Sorry for my question however I’m beginner in using QNX…



I had done it in VmWare;
(1)First ,you should have a QNX system in your virtual machine.
(2)Make another virtual disk on the system.
(4)fdisk /dev/hd1, create a 77 partition,loader and booter
(5)mount -p /dev/hd1
(5)mount -p /dev/hd1 /dev/hd1t77 /hd77
(6)copy all the files on the your system to /hd77

OR dd if=/dev/hd0 of=/dev/hd1 bs=1024

3 years later…