PtText Tab Index

I have a window with about half a dozen PtText widgets. The user enters the data, and then presses tab to go to the next PtText. My problem is that when I created the widgets, I did not place them in order of creation. Therefore my user, when pressing Tab, is thrown from one PtText to another, in no perticular order.

I was wondering how I can modify the Tab Indexes on my PtText widgets so I can change the order with which they are presented to the user when they press tab.



Oh yea, and forgot to mention I’m using PhAB to build this User Interface…

why not rearrange the widgets in the order of creation?

There has to be a faster/easier way. In other Visual IDEs (.NET comes to mind) there is a TabIndex option, where I can just enter the order at which I would like the widget to be brought up when the user presses tab.

Its not that I’m lazy, but having to find out the order of creation, then rearranging all the widgets, changing their names and the labels identifying them, and this on multiple forms, and with code already written refering to these objects, well, I might as well rebuild the forms from a scratch.

In PhAB go to the “Module Tree” tab.
Notice that they are in creation order.
Grab a widget and move it where you want it.

Nice, this worked!