Debug tools for IPL

I’m starting a new design with the following main elements:

  • CPU: PowerPC (MPC8540)
  • Flash memory: Spansion S29GL256N * 2

I’m working with Momentics 6.3.0.

Here are my questions:
1- I need to buy the tools to debug the IPL is anybody having suggestions?
2- Can Momentics be connected to hardware debbuger such as a BDI2000 or
other JTAG interface?



It probably depends on how lucky you are, and how extensive the
changes to the BSP are that are required whether or not you’ll need
to debug the IPL. I’ve been able to get away with making small
changes by printing debug messages to the UART and “debugging by
examination”, but I can’t recommend it :slight_smile:

Lauterbach now makes a QNX compatible JTAG debugger called TRACE32. I
haven’t used it, so I can’t answer detailed questions; for that,
you’re probably best to contact Lauterbach directly.
–Andy Gryc