how to use exception and class in phab project , thanks!

In IDE, I have created a phab project , and I have found that in src folder there are all c files . but now I have two files, one is *.h, the other is *.cpp.
In *.h, there is a header include file #include . and have a class I defined.

when I add these two files to SRC folder , there are some errors about exception . and In proto.h some errors about the declaration of the function of class .such as int A::b(), it can’t understand ::, what shoud I do ?

In my opinion , maybe because the c Project can’t deal with the exception . how I can solve it . thanks . maybe I can add some configuration. but I don’t know how to do it ,

can someone give me some advice . Thanks a lot .

can I crate the phab C++ project ?
(notice : in other c++ project ,these two files can work very well)