Compile ntp 4.2.0 with Momentics IDE for QNX 6.2.1


i have downloaded now ntp 4.2.0 from and want to compile
it, that it will run on a Motorola MPC5200Lite Evaluation Board

But i never compiled such software with windows and for a different
CPU (i need here ppcbe).
I have here now some problems:

  1. there is now configure script available so i need to start autoconf
    under linux at first, but how to do this with windows and Momentics
  2. there is no Makefile existant, so i need to run configure first,
    but how to do this with the Momentics IDE under windows?
  3. Is it ok, if i create a project under C->Standard Make C Project
    or should i use a different setting?
  4. i use than import->filesystem and imported the complete directory
    from the archive and moved than everything to root. Now a files are i
    root, i hope this is fine

Thx for any help here, but i never user the Momentics IDE under
Windows, so i hope some can help me here.

An other solution can maybe, if someone can explain me, who to
crosscompile this project under Linux or FreeBSD for the ppcbe, i dont
know here, which options i should set at the configure (i think it is
the --host, but what type here?).

Thx for any help!

Best regards