How to copy a QNX-Disk ?


is there an program how can I copy a whole QNX-CF-Card (128 MB) to antoher card - i know on QNX i can use dd , but i need a solution for Windows - all my know programs like: Norton Ghost, WinImage, cant’ do this ? Any Idea ?


I have found a way ! I have build my own script, how can do that for me!

Could you please tell me how to? I want to copy a 64M CF to a 128M CF like that:
#dd if=/dev/hd1 of=/root/backcf
#dd if=/root/backcf of=/dev/hd2
The original 64M CF can boot, while 128M can’t boot normally with only the first line display,
could you or anyone help? Thanks a lot!

Ok, here my work:

  1. You need to make a tar-File from your source card - i have write script, who can do this for me like:

tar cvf ${TARARCHIV} /bin -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /boot -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /etc -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /home -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /lib -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /root -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /sbin -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /tmp -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /usr -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /x86 -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /.boot -X ${EXCLUDELST}
tar rvf ${TARARCHIV} /.altboot -X ${EXCLUDELST}

You can build your own tar-File, with all files/directories you need.

2.) I run my script [see attachment] - please feel free to modify, and note me your changes :astonished: !

NOTE: Maybe you must change some vars in the script.

The script, will create all requierd partitions (one QNX), make it bootable and extract the archiv on it. For questions please feel free to contact me.