unix3s.lib: the history of the fixes. Is it over? (+)

I know of three versions of the unix3s.lib.

First time it was introduced with Watcom C 10.6 patch B.

  1. unix3s.lib 88064 16Dec1996

There is an updated version of it, (rumors are - the issue was with -mf
flag). Let’s call it “FIX” here.
2) unix3s.lib 89088 (date unknown, most probably it’s ~29Jun1998)

The third comes with Watcom C 10.6 Security patch.
3) unix3s.lib 97280 17Jun2000

Comparing the module versions in all those three libraries one can notice
the three significant changes:
a) obvious: crypt.o (Watcom C 10.6 Security patch) is most current in 3)
b) tsearch.o is missing in libraries 1) 2)
c) scandir.o is different in all the three

So, I assume that those rumors about -mf issue are relevant to the
scandir.o, let look at them more attentively:
unix3s.lib patch B: 1361 01Dec1996
unix3s.lib “FIX” 1241 29Jun1998
unix3s.lib Security: 1339 04Feb1999

We can see that the most current version is in the unix3s.lib 3) Watcom C
10.6 Security patch.

Does this mean that the -mf issue is resolved once for all?

Please comment.