vision with a webcam

I want to experiment with computer vision using QNX and a stock webcam.

Unfortunately the only links I’ve found about QNX and webcams refer to but that site seems to be down. Are there other sources for drivers? I’m using QNX 6.3.

The linux UVC project looks promising, but I’m not cleara on how portable code like this is between linux and QNX.


A long time ago I wrote some code for a parallel port cam for QNX 4. I forget the name of the product, but it was the popular one that looked like an eyeball. I was able to put together a driver for both the B&W and Color version, although the company would not release the CODEC for the color compressed mode. At one time I gave the source to someone at QSSL, and it was ported to QNX 6. That’s the last I recall. The cam company was bought out, and they immediatly discontinued the model.

I mention this all because this was the only company that made their specs available at the time. I ported another cam under an NDA, but that’s an ugly story you don’t want to hear about. No one else was even willing to talk about specifications. Some companies provide Windows drivers, and that is all. When the cams started coming out as USB devices, the situation generally got worse.

A few more comments. Your link reminds me that the cam I wrote a driver for was the QuickCam, and the company that bought them out was Logitec. The UVC source code you pointed to looks promising, but you will have to learn about QNX 6 USB drivers.

any hopes of getting the QNX to support UVC???