RtTrend & new phrtlib3r.lib

There is the problems with RtTrend widget and
new Photon Toolkit Patch C phrtlib3r.lib library
(size 25088, Date 03-Dec-2002 ).

The problem occure every time when I try to clear lines in
RtTrend widget by

PtSetArg(&args[0],Rt_ARG_TREND_DATA, NULL, 0);
PtSetResources( ABW_rt_trend, 1, &args[0]);

The clear process is uncorrect and part of lines steel in RtTrend.

If I build the same task with old phrtlib3r.lin library
(size 25088, Date 04-Aug-1999 ) there is not problems with
RtTrend clearing.