C Compilers

I am having trouble compiling any kind of C code. It seems i do not have an integrated C Compiler…
If that is the case please point to a link where I can get one .
If there is a compiler and I dont know how to use it please write a sample on how to compile a file… lets name it “aaa.cpp”

PS. Since I could not find a bootable qnx cd…i am booting from a floppy disk. Could that be the source of the missing qcc or gcc?

Which QNX version are you running (post the output of uname -a).

For QNX 4 there is no Compiler by default, you need to buy the watcom compiler (I am not sure whether there is a gcc for QNX 4)
QNX 6 comes with gcc, in QNX 6.3 you can choose whether to install it or not.

I am not sure, but I think you can create a bootable floppy with the QNX 6.3 CD under windows. Using this floppy you can then install QNX 6.3 to your hd.

I took it off this site from the downloads section.

This is the link… I believe it is the 6.0 version

openqnx.com/index.php?name=D … load&cid=1

I have install it on my hard disk however it does not boot without the boot floppy disk. Actually I’m not sure that the system I am loading is not entirely on the floppy.
If there is another trial version available containting and C IDE or at least C compiler can u please give me a link or something.

I’ve also tried to install QT3(also dl from this site) but i simply dont know how to install it…

Int there sais that i must launch a file conf.something.sh…I believe it is a script.
However that script tries to launch a file called Config…wich simply does not exist anywhere on my qnx partition…
I’m in deep sh… if i dont get to compile a simple thread application in qnx :cry:

6.0 is VERY old. I think the compiler need to be installed separately it’s on the CD though.

You can get 6.3.0 from www.qnx.com