QNX Windows 4.25, graphics driver Pg.i810 not working !

When I try to start QNX windows, the graphics driver Pg.i810 gives me “Could not connect to : No such file or directory” error message & terminates immediately. I am unable to run windows :cry: I cant use gr.vga as it cannot give me resolution above 640x480. I need a minimum of 800x600 resolution. I have Intel integrated graphics card. When I do show_pci I get the following details

Vendor ID: 0x8086 Intel
Device ID: 0x1132
PCI Index: 0
PCI Int Pin: INT A
Interrupt line: 11

Please help. Any other driver will also do.

use vesa driver

how are you starting the Pg.i810 driver?

There is a new gr.i830 driver that is available on qnx.com download that might work for you…

The vesa driver does not work. It gives me “Int10 not found” error. I have heard that QNX 4.25 broke the driver.
I start the driver using the command below

Pg.i810 -g 800,600,16 -d 0x8086,0x1132 -R 75

Regarding the gr.i830, can you please give me the exact link?. Or you could attach the driver so that I can download the same.


Isn’t Pg the photon driver only? (you said you were using qnxwindows?)
I have just realized that the gr.i830 was something we got custom engineered and i dont think it has come out as a patch yet :frowning: maybe talk with your local QNX representative?

Oh Is it?. I was not aware that Pg.* drivers are photon only. That explains it. I do not have photon. Just qnx windows. So I should be looking at drivers gr.*. Maybe I will have to talk to the QNX guys.


You can use Photon driver though QWindows gr.phi driver.

Well if you don’t have Photon how come you have Pg.i810?

This thread might be of interest


I was searching for the drivers on qnx.com & they said this driver supported the said graphics card. there was no mention of photon only.
Anyway I do not have gr.phi. Can i download it somewhere? And how do I use it along with Pg.i810?. Any document or a link? BTW this VB3 application which works along with gr.vesa2, is it a freeware?. Unfortunately the link is not helpful. Thanks in advance

what version of QNX 4 are you running? I have gr.phi but i am not sure where it has come from… the vbe3 thing costs money, I am going to try it anyway. I would guess using the Pg. photon drives with the gr.phi is going to be slower, and also incurr a Photon license cost.