Who and when reads /.licenses?

I think I’ve found a way to hide the /.licenses file from the prying

It takes to have two QNX4 partitions, one (/dev/hd0t77) bootable of tiny
size, and the other (/dev/hd0t78) of the size needed for the target system.
The first one should have the all licenses, the other is mounted as the
root and has the usual folder tree. I.e. something like this:
<the /boot/build file snip>
$ /bin/mount -p /dev/hd0 /dev/hd0t78 /

The bootable partition must have the very minimal set of utilities and
sym-links, like the recovery floppy has.

Definately, the QNX4 will start and work, the question is if the TCP/IP’s
license is in the /dev/hd0t77/.licenses too and the socket manager is
started after the filesystem is “folded” to hide the bootable root - will
Tcpip start from /dev/hd0t78/usr/ucb as usual?

Or, it is simpler to ask QSSL to re-issue my RunTime Modular licenses in
old format to hide them in /etc/licenses ?