which libaries can be removed?


currently I’ll will create my own qnx-system (on a cf-card). The system will be as small as possible - so which libaries and directories from qnx (e.g. audiocd.so) can I remove.


well it depends on the feature you need…

yes i’ll know that this will depend , on my needs … but is there anywhere some option to test it, more information, so I need only a basic system with esh, network, no photon, qnx4 and fat fs, later there will run run my own application. the libs for network etc. i know, but what ca I remove to ? Is there a link, document e.g. where I can see: feature xyz needs libarie xyz?

You can use objdump on each executeable to determine what library is needed.

Also it depends if you plan on building your own image, that`s really the best way to minimize storate space requirement. There is a section on embeddeing QNX in the documentation.

Personnaly I would go from building the image and fitting the the image most of what is need and is unlikely to change, then from the executable in the image figure out which lib is used and not used.

If you use the IDE, you can give a shot at the system builder. Never used it myself.

hi mario,

thanks for the tip - this was exactly what i want !