1) Missing libraries 2) How much free HDD space?

1) This evening I did a clean QNX 6.2.1 installation. I kept the install CD in the player, even when the installer said to remove it, because I had already read that that was required to complete the second installation phase.

Then I connected to the QNX Online repository to install some software. Some things like phFTP work. Others don’t.

[code]# gftp
Could not find library libXext.so.6


Could not find library libXext.so.6


Could not find library libXext.so.6


Could not find library libXt.so.6


Could not find library libcpp.so.2a[/code]Why am I missing these libraries? The Installer should have taken care of dependencies. The libraries seem to be related to the XFree86 libs package, which is Installed according to QNX Installer. According to this file, libXext.so.6 should be installed with that package, version 4.2. What’s going on and how to fix it?

Edit: I’ve just performed a search for libXext.so.6 and 3 files have been found, all the same size (49943). They are in /opt/X11R6/lib, /x86/opt/X11R6/lib, and /pkgs/repository/public/xf86-lib/core-4.2/
So if the file is there, there must be some other problem?

2) The QNX installation was done on a HDD of about 800MB. My packages were a total of about 550MB. The swapfile is 128MB. But QNX has never mentioned anything about lack of HDD space. I haven’t found any place where you could simply find: ‘800MB total, …MB used, …MB free’. Surely that must be available somewhere? And if I am out of space, could that be the reason that the libraries are missing? Is it normal that there has been no warning whatsoever? Is there any way to check whether I still have sufficient free space?


  1. The ‘df’ command shows how much ‘disk free’ space there is.

  2. My guess is that there is a sim link missing someplace. You have the libraries it seems. But there is normally symbolic links from /lib/dll (and other places) that point to the real file locations. Not sure why the installer didn’t create the sym links but my guess is if you do this manually it will find the library. Or you can just copy the file directly to /lib/dll and try and run.


  1. the application doesn’t know where to find those X libs. You can do

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/X11R6/lib

to tell the program to search that path for libs.

Thank you for your replies. :slight_smile: The machine is now running Debian Linux, but I have many more empty machines waiting to be installed so QNX will get another chance later. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m now running QNX 6.2.1 on a Celeron 266MHz with 64MB RAM. It’s doing fine, and because I have more HDD space (2GB instead of 850MB) I installed Momentics right after the base installation. Then, I installed some other software from QNX Online and the applications work!