Setting Window size of a dialog

Does anyone have an idea how to change the size of a dialog without loosing its “ALWAYS_IN_FRONT_STATE”? I create a dialog with ApCreateModule, after that I use the PtForwardWindowEvent function. The dialog changes it size but also looses its InFront state. If I use PtSetResources the dialog will stay the same size. How can this be done correctly?
I would appreciate any ideas!

Seems you are using PhAB right?
I’m not sure if you want to change the size while it’s already initalized or after.
First thing : The dialog will use the size it is in PhAB itself, so if it is a first initialization size you are after, simply change it in PhAB.
PtSetResource should work, How are you doing this? What effect are you seeing?
PtForwardWindowEvent seems like a workaround, but if you want to use this, You could send another focus event?

I need to change the size during runtime. To set the size via PtSetResources I use the Pt_ARG_DIM structure. The workaround via PtForwardWindowEvent did not work, even after sending a PtWindowToFront after it.
Currently I am using QNX6.1 Are there any major bugs in it? The same code was running fine under QNX4.25/Photon1.13
Thanx for your help!