Shared Libraries in QNX 4.23

I have a problem in creating shared libaries(.so) in QNX (Ver 4.23)host pc.
When I create a ‘c’ file with following snippet

void display()
printf(“Shared Libaray”);

I make an object file oot of this. When i try to convert to .so it doesn’t create. But when I have a “main” method in the same file it creates a .so file.

Please let me know is it do with the version of QNX.


How do you try to convert it? Share library under QNX4 are quite painfull… You can’t create them with the compiler and linker you need some other tools (mkshlib I think)

There is no such think as .so concept under QNX4.

Unless you REALLY need to save memory and reduce executable size, I’d stay away from share lib in QNX4.