Some question about Supported Hardware on Qnx 4.24 os

hi , all

I’m a novice to qnx. “QNX4 Supported File System Drivers” web on qnx website ,i see various
chipset list , these chipset is control chip various memory interface(IDE OR
SCSI ,and so on) ? what is them? to us CF card on qnx4.24 os?

  1. i want to know whether via embedded series processer compatible with
    qnx4.24 , (for example:VIA eden-n , VIA eden esp , VIA c3-m , VIA c3 ,and so

by the way , i want to know whether via Twister-T(VT8606+VT82C686B) chipset
compatible with qnx4.24

please tell me
thanks in advance