Why does "sin" kill programs?

I have posted the problem months ago in a separate group but I never
got any good answers.

Here is the problem again.

  • If I run “sin” as a normal user, it would kill any “dittoed”
    sessions, which can be either from Phindows or from “phditto”. It
    would also kill some of my programs.

  • If I run “sin” as root, it would spare the ditto sessions, but it
    would still kill my programs.

I tried to capture the signal using gdb. My program seems to be
getting SIGABRT. Trapping the signal does not seem to help much. My
programs still get killed eventually.

I don’t need “sin” for normal operation. But it is very useful
sometimes for debugging. For example, right now I am trying to find
out whether I have file descriptor leaks. “sin fds” would have
provided useful information. But every time I tried to run it, it
kills the program I’m trying to debug.

This seemed to be new for QNX 6.3. The new patch, 6.31, did not fix
it. I wonder if anyone has figured out a solution for the problem.


Shouqin Huo