remote console & autostart under 6.3


i created a program under qnx 6.3, but I need the ability for remote access. under qnx 4.25 i used the ‘ditto’ command, but that’s no longer part of the 6.3 distribution. does anyone know of a similar program to ditto that works under 6.3? or another method for remotely accessing a 6.3 distribution?

also, i wanted the ability to automatically start up the program when the computer boots, with the ability to remote access it. any idea on how to do this? i’ve tried using the ‘on’ command, and re-directing the i/o to different terminals (ie /dev/con4), but neither seemed to work.

i would appreciate any help you could provide… thanks in advance.


There is a program on the 3rd party CD called screen (I think) it will allow some level of ditto fonctionnality. I didn’t try it myself.

QSS standard answer to this problem is to use Photon …

I might have a real solution in a month or so…

have you ever tried phditto, phrelay

Yes but they all relly on Photon which over modem kind of kills performance. Plus that still doesn’t give you access to the text consoles.

I have a similar problem. I’ve been trying to start an application in console 4 when the system starts up. The application has ‘graphics’, so I assume it needs some console functionality. I say this becuase I’ve tried a:

reopen /dev/con4


on -t /dev/con4 /path/myapp

in my rc.local script with no success… The program starts to run and then an error comes up saying, “unable to initialize the terminal” – or something to that effect.

I realized a potential problem was that the rc.local script runs after the terminals are initialized. The ‘tinit’ function resides inside the rc.sysinit script after the call to rc.local. So, I tried to put the aforementioned lines after the call to tinit. This time nothing. The rc.sysinit script has a line something similar to this…

PATH=/bin:/sbin exec ‘which tinit’ $P

which seems to be the last thing executed in that script unless tinit fails. I did some research and found a file in /etc/config where you can change the functionality of tinit (called ttys). In that file, I was able to put my application in place of /bin/login and it worked. To my dismay though I was unable to terminate the program. It restarts itself, as it should… as defined by the tinit function.

Soooooo. I was wondering. In the ttys file, is there an argument you can use so that the application only runs 1 time, instead of coming back everytime it terminates.

Orrrrr. Maybe there is a different method to initialize the terminal, or the system rather, so that I can execute lines in the script after the terminals are initialized.

–Running QNX 6.3


edit: I was looking for the screen function mentioned earlier and couldn’t find any documentation on it. Anyone know where to get that?