printer problem

Hello everybody

I would like to use HP Laserjet1320 printer. It’s an PCL/PS printer with
usb/parallel interface. I would like to use its poscript mode to have a
best resolution.
On usb, I tried on 6.2.0 QNX version this:

devu-uhci &

/dev/usb is created

devu-prn &

/dev/usbpar0 is created

Now, my printer was found, I can start the spooler by:

spooler -d /dev/usbpar0 &

But when I print, there is no activity on my printer, it’s definitively

I think it’s perhaps a usb printer driver problem because when I unplug
usb connector, the usb devu-uhci driver is shutdown with "prn_free:
Pending I/O free"message.

So I decided to try on 6.3.0 QNX version.
My first printing is printed but the job is blocked at the end.
And when I kill io-usb and devu-prn and switch off the printer, the same
message appear “prn_free: Pending I/O free”.

Does anybody have an idea about this problem and how to solve it ?
Thank you very much for answering me.