Programming Instruction

What does it mean when a programmer instructs you press “Ctrl+Alt+(2-8)”?

This command should close the operating system and route me to another login field.

I don’t understand the command, specifically the (2-8) thing. Am I supposed to press 9 keys? I tried that. Nothing happened.


Probably a typo

it seems you are asked press the key CTRL ALT and 2, all at once.

Could it be 7 different shortcuts?
Ctrl + Alt + 2 → shortcut 1

Ctrl + Alt + 8 → shortcut 7

Ctrl + Alt + ( any number ) has no effect.

What is the desired function?

I have been instructed to be directed to a blank screen and seek another login.

Pressing Ctrl-Alt- switches you to the virtual console with that number (if available). If you’re in text mode, the number of virtual consoles depends on the -n option to devc-con; the default is 4. Some systems don’t run devc-con. Photon provides virtual consoles even if the system doesn’t include a console driver.