Changing the hostname --> touchscreen doesn't work


I’ve on problem:
I’ve to write a script, which changes the hostname (amongst others) of a system automatically.
So the script replaces the value in /etc/net.cfg. After that the system is rebooted.
The effect is, that the touchscreen of the system doesn’t work anymore.
So I changed the script: Before rebooting, the file /etc/system/trap/calib. (which
contains the calibration-settings of the touchscreen) is copied to /etc/system/trap/calib..
Sadly, this has no effect.
When I call “calib” (the tool which creates the …/calib.*-file with user-interaction) the
touchscreen works, but only until I reboot the system.

When I change the hostname with phlip everything works. But it must be done automatically.

Are there any further files, which has to be changed?
Is there another way to change the hostname? (Perhapps with ifconfig or something similar???)

Thanx a lot in advance.

Is the input. file (located in /etc/system/trap) used when using the touchscreen (I suspect that it is)?

Thanx for your answer.
I guess not. There is no input.-file in my /etc/system/trap (in both cases: when it does and doesn’t work.)

I’m still having the above problem.
Anybody out there with an idea? :slight_smile:

run “calib” and calibrate the touch screen and it will create a new calib.hostname file for your touchscreen driver

try “sync” before reboot, use “hostname” utility instead of rewrite net.cfg.