Working with a USB device that uses a HID Interface

Hello, I am writing a QNX driver for a USB device that has a HID
interface. In order to send/receive data from the device, I must use
HID Reports. Using the API in usbdi.h, I have been able to connect,
attach, parse, and open the pipes to the endpoints that I need on the
HID interface.

However, I am currently stuck on how to use HID reports. I do not
know where I can find the information on the Report ID, Report size,
and Report Type. Additionally, I have been trying to use the
usbd_setup_vendor() and usbd_io() in order to send data to device
without much luck.

Have I been going about this the totally wrong way? I notice that
there is a hiddi.h library available in QNX, which seems to have
almost matching function calls, such as the connect, attach, etc.
Should I be trying to connect to this HID device using the hiddi.h
rather tahn usbdi.h?

In essence, I need to get/send HID Reports to this USB device. How
can I do this? Thank you!