Need Help Printing to PCL Printer via USB


I hope someone can help me (and please bear with me – I am a neophyte):

I’m running QNX 6.3sp2 and I have a HP Deskjet 895Cse printer plugged into my USB port. I have verified that devu-uhci and devu-prn are up and running, and I have a “usbpar0” in my /dev directory, so it appears QNX can see the printer and recognize it as a printer.

If I cat a text file directing the output to /dev/usbpar0 it prints out as raw text. So it appears QNX can talk to the printer and the printer is functioning.

If, however, I run a small test app to create a .phs file (using the Photon PrintContext) and then execute the command:

phs-to-pcl myfile.phs > /dev/usbpar0

The printer prints gobbledegook… it does not appear to recognize the PCL output of phs-to-pcl as PCL, and instead seems to be trying to print it as raw text. Although I will readily admit that my PHS file may well be messed up in some way since I am learning, I do have a “test page” .phs file which I got from another source and which is known to work. When I execute the same command on this other .phs file, I get the same result–the printer is trying to print the PCL as raw text. :frowning:

I tried setting up a print spooler instead of dumping the output to /dev/usbpar0, and the spooler functions (it sees the .phs file and processes it) but the printer still prints garbage. Needless to say I’m pretty frustrated and confuzzled. :frowning:

So can anyone help? Assume I know nothing (because that’s not far from the truth), there may well be a very obvious step that I have not done because I don’t know any better. Clearly I goofed up somewhere.

Never mind, I figured out what I was doing wrong, just a silly error. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

So what was it? :slight_smile:

In a nutshell? Don’t attempt to render outside the boundaries of the page. phs-to-anything doesn’t like it, won’t complain, and will produce something that is not in the intended format. Live and learn! :blush: