Connecting to DSL periodically

I set up a QNX 4 box to work as a html - server.
the box hides behind a router, which on the other side is connected to a DSL with static ip adress. everything fine, I can browse, telnet, ftp … anything from the internet.

the router has a functionality to ‘automatically connect’ after a disconnect, as caused by a supply power failure, for example. some entries like user-id and password have to be made in the router’s config pages.

for some reason, which I suspect to be on either the provider’s side or the the router’s fault (I am not willing to dig into that any deeper), I cannot see the QNX 4 server anymore from the internet and vice versa. switching off and on the router helps.

can anyone point me to any reading material ? or maybe to a script, that cron would call, to set up the session fresh once a day, so that I might be able not to use the router’s ‘automatically connect’ feature ?

thanks HELGE

This is just a wild guess, but does the QNX 4 box connect to the router using DHCP? If so, you might want to see if the router has an option to use a static internal IP, eg.

no, the router is, the QNX 4 box is static, and the DSL is 217.7.xx.yy
I changed the router to eliminate hardware problems. I think the provider cuts the line resp. session eventually and the router fails to re-connect. appearently this re-connect can be done by software (we erased the corresponding entries for user and password in the router’s config, and let WIN XP do the thing).

I read the pppd (pppoe) docs for QNX 6, but I doubt this will help me for QNX 4.
I could easily connect the router to the mains via a hardware switch (clock), so pls do not invest too much time in this.

It’s just I like things to run smoothly and nearly perfect.
Thanks HELGE