Network QNX and Windows XP?

I am new to QNX and inherited an existing development environment consisting
of a couple of PC running QNX 6.1. They are connected to a hub and are configured with manual IP addresses. They communicated over my little network fine.

The question is: How do I configure a PC running XP SP2 to communicate with QNX PC?
I want to do copy files between to machines.


There are a number of ways to do this. QNX will read DOS floppies, so if you want, you can just move a floppy back and forth. If you put the XP machine on the NET, and you start inetd on the QNX side, you should be able to ftp from the XP machine. With an Windows FTP server, you could go the other way. You can also setup a network file system, in either direction. If you want a message passing (like) connection between these, there is an open source product called SIMPL, which can do this.

I have used the floppy for ‘sneaker net’ of small files. But, I need to move some rather large files and feel the net is the only way to go long term. What I would like to be able to do is move files (and directory trees) between the machines manually i.e. not programatically.

Can you provide some of the nut and bolts on HOW to accomplish this??


One word. Samba.

It’s available on the 3rd party CD or via the package installer if you select 3rd party stuff.

This wonderful program allows you to map your QNX drives as a network drive under Windows so it appears to Windows as just another network drive. You can then drag/drop files appropriately via Windows. This eliminates floppies, thumb drives, FTP, CD-Rom’s etc.

It’s trivial to set up but if you have questions, post and I can help you get it setup. There is a good OReilly book that you might want to get if you need to explore more than basic file transfers.