First Time User


Does anybody have a set of project files I could look at to get me started.

I have managed to crate a simple Hello World app using QNX but cant get it to run or build an image with it.

Does anybody know if QNX have any simple samples on their website, if they have they are well hidden ?

Thanks in advance

I’ve never heard of anything so simple made public. What problem exactly are you seeing?

What is your setup?

You wouldn’t happen to the an environment variable called “NAME” set would you?

If you do, then you will need to unset this variable before running Momentics (the recursive makefile system will interpret an environment variable called “NAME” as a directive to override the target executable name).

This is the only condition, under which I have seen “Hello World” fail to build (other than a botched installation).


Thanks for your pointers.

I got a new machine and worked through the getting started guide and everything worked as expected.