what is target?


It’s the first time that I’m developing sowtware with QNX.
I haven’t understand the functionality of target. What is target and how can I utilize?


The “target” is your device, where QNX Neutrino RTOS is running. Sample:

Your development system is on a Windows machine, where QNX Momentics IDE is running - so we say it have the IP-Adress Your “target”, have the IP-Adress - now you have write/develop programms for your QNX Neutrino “target” you must connect to … :

  1. Open QNX Momentics IDE
  2. select “Window” → “Show view” → “Other” (a new window appear) go to “QNX Targets” → “Target File System Navigator” , you will get a new tab!
  3. right click there , an select “Add new target”
  4. give a name for your target e.g. “my qnx system”
  5. enter the IP-Address from you target (dont change the port!)
  6. click finish
  7. now run “qconn” on your target, an you can connect from your Windows System to your QNX System - if network is working!

Now its time to write a programm (“Hello World” maybe). compile it an the go to “Run” → “Run …” (opens a new window). On the left side select now “C/C++ Qconn IP” → (right click) “New”. Selct now your “Project”, the “File” and the “Target” (this ist which we have created!) - change some options, if you need, click “apply” and “run”. QNX Momentics connects now to Neutrino and run your app.

Note: if you run the QNX Momentics IDe under QNX Neutrino you must selct the local Ip-Address and “C/C++ local application”


Thanks very much for information,

but now I have another one question.

If my S.O. is qnx… what I nedd of target?


If Momentic is running on the selft-hosted version (PC running QNX6), then the target can be that same machine or any other machine reachable via medium support by Momentic ( serial, network, etc)


You are right.  If your OS is QNX, then you can write/compile/test all on the same machine, usually.  Many developers are building QNX applications for specific embedded systems, which have unique hardware, in which case their target is not the same as the development system.   Even so, most of the software can often be written and tested (more easily) on the development system.