System slow down when browsing helpviewer

System shown 100% userage of CPU when i browsing helpviewer. My system is P4 1.8 1GRAM 4.1GHD. Any idea?

Probably because of graphic card running in VGA mode.

There use to be an optimised VESA driver available from third party. Or use a supported/accelerated graphic card.

1024x768 32-bit True-color/16M
vesa refresh rate:60
but, it seem like eat a lot of cpu…

Does the 100% occur continuously, or only sporadically when, mostly likely you scroll?
I think you need more than just a vesa mode to prevent this, rather a native mode driver
with acceleration built in. A good test is to turn on full window dragging, and then drag a
window around. The difference between having acceleration working and not is dramatic,
and will definitely push you to 100% cpu. If only Vesa modes are available, then you might
need a supported video card.

is this card supported “S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR”? In windows, it runs quite well.

use third party accelerated VESA 3.0 driver(search) no QNX support for S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR.

Would you mind posting where this 3rd party VESA 3.0 driver can be found?

No idea if it works with 6.3

by the way, where to put these driver? i wish to try.