Hard Drive on PMC Controller

I have a Technobox 4170 PMC hard drive adapter with a 40 GB hard drive mounted. This uses the Silicon Image PCI680 chipset. This is in an x86 system. The output of the pci command is:

Class = Mass Storage (Unknown)
Vendor ID = 1095h, Silicon Image, Inc.
Device ID = 680h, SiI 0680 UltraATA/133 EIDE Controller
PCI index = 0h
PCI IO Address = 20a0h enabled
PCI IO Address = 2094h enabled
PCI IO Address = 2098h enabled
PCI IO Address = 2090h enabled
PCI IO Address = 2080h enabled
PCI Mem Address = fe740000h enabled
PCI Int Pin = INT A
Interrupt line = 7
CPU Interrupt = 7h

I would expect the following command to work (I’m unsure about the “chnl=” option, but I assume it is for the IDE channel, and I’ve tried 0 and 1 without success):

devb-eide eide vid=0x1095,did=0x680,pci=0,chnl=0 &

but it gives the following:

xpt_configure: No eide interfaces found

The hard drive has a QNX type 79 partition on it that I can read and write to when it is connected to another computer via a 2.5"/3.5" IDE adapter.

Any help is appreciated.


This is a raid controler (which can be used in non raid environment). It requires a special driver which QNX doesn’t have.

I actually got it to work using devb-eide:

devb-eide eide ioport=0xf0800090:0xf08000a0,irq=98,pio=0 &

This is on an XCalibur1200 cPCI PPC Single Board Computer from Extreme Engineering Solutions.