qnx boot

Hi, supose a process in rc.local fails and crash the system, how can I start qnx without the rc.local, or an alternate boot without it to can fix the problem?


You could boot off of a floppy or CD and then modify rc.local directly.

But if I have no floppy or cd to boot?

That the HD and move it to another PC that already has a HD and setup it up as slave or secondary.

Otherwise I don’t any other way.

Do you mean that you don’t have a floppy drive nor a cd drive, or do you mean you just don’t have any bootable media? If it is the former, then Mario is correct. If the latter, then the question is how to get the bootable media.

Check my post in this thread:
openqnx.com/index.php?name=P … pic&t=1492

You can boot your system into debug shell and fix the rc.local problem.

Thanks to all. What means the “e” of the commands?

“You can boot from CD and “fix” your rc.local file. Or, you can boot your system into “debug shell” mode: press “Spacebar” during booting up, then hit “F5” for the debug shell. Once you are in debug shell (a.k.a “fesh”), you will have some limited commands available, such as “els”, “ecp”, “erm”, and “cd”. so you can
cd /etc/rc.d
ecp rc.local rc.local.bad
erm rc.local
now you should be ok.”

I think it’s embedded. Meaning that these commands are contain within the shell itself as opposed to being external