QNX 4.2.2 Efsys.386ex driver help needed

Well, it’s happened. The entire family of boot block flash parts we’re using
on a 386ex-based board are end-of-life. Normally, that would mean phasing
out of the product, but folks at my company are apparently not normal.


Anyway, we’re trying to modify the 4.2.2 Ekit to support erasing/writing the
AMD 29F400BT device in the EFsys.386ex driver. We have a new module written,
based loosely on the i28F400T.c module. I can verify that the driver
contains the new module by examining the Efsys.386ex.map file. Great. PROM
burned the new OS/app image onto the 29F400 part and it boots. Great, again.
Now, when we attempt to erase the flash in the embedded application the
reply to the _FFS_FORMAT command (reply.status) is 0x2c5 (709 decimal).

Now, try as I might, I can’t find any documentation to explain to me what
this means, other than the command was not successful. Can someone point me
to a list of ffs error codes?

Also, and this is a long shot, does an MTD driver already exist for the