importing a C++ source tree to Momentics


I have a small C++ code base (~60 files in 12 folders) that I’d like to import in to Momentics. I’ve been using the excellent tmk tool on linux to date, so there aren’t any existing makefiles. I was hopeing Momentics would create makefiles for the whole tree when I imported my sources, but it won’t ever go past the top level. If there are .cpp files in the top level folder that I import it creates a makefile for them. If there are none, then it does not. It never creates makefiles in any subdirectories. Is there some way to make Momentics traverse an existing source tree recursively?

I’m also a bit confused about Managed vs Unmanaged Make projects. Do the QNX C++ projects use managed makefiles? Or, do the makefiles always have to be manually maintained? Assuming that the projects are managed, how can I make Momentics recognize my existing sources?

I am doing the importing from a Subversion repository using the Eclipse Subversive plugin.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Dave :smiley:

Unfortunately, at the moment Momentics doesn’t do managed make. I am pretty sure the next release will.


Let’s hope so cause importing project is a major pain.

Any word on when this next version of momentics might be released?