QNX Momentics 6.3.0 disc not booting.

So, I downloaded the Windows host Momentics evaluation ISO from the website, as I was hoping to turn the unused 20gig partition on my hard drive into a home for a QNX install.

The trouble is, I can’t get the disks to boot. I’ve tried burning from both Nero and DeepBurner, and neither of the discs will boot. I even checked my BIOS to make sure the CD-ROM is still on top of the boot priority list.

But no go. So now I have two Momentics CDs that don’t work.

anyone else had this same problem? Is there a different image I should try? I noticed a self host ISO in the downloads section, should I try that?

If it’s windows hosted, why do you expected it to boot. Just install it from Windows (funny I didn’t know there was an eval version for windows)/

Yes you’d better get the self hosted ;-)

Windows Host refers to the dev suite, and that’s all the installer on the Windows part of the disc installs. The OS itself has to be installed somewhere, and it’s supposed to be on the CD, or at least that’s what I assumed.

But it’s not booting. And I have no way of checkign that it’s even there.

I’ll try the self hosted version later.

and that’s it! There is nothing more on this CD.

The OS itself (QNX Neutrino 6.3) is only included in the selfhosted version.

Ahh. That explains it. I’d assumed that the disc contained both the host devel system, and the target OS, but I guess I was wrong. Thanks.

Well it does include the target OS, sort of. You can create a boot file, which you then boot from. There might even be a prebuilt one, I’ve never looked. I guess the key words to keep in mind are not self-hosted, and cross-compilation.