How many long time QNX users are still around

I might be a case in point concerning the apparent reduction in activity of
these newsgroups. Over the past couple of years I’ve been choosing the
Internet to look for solutions and only check, or re-check :slight_smile:, the
newsgroups when no Internet answers are forth coming. I’ve been using QNX
since the late 80’s and QNX2 (I still have people asking me what happened to
QNX3 and QNX5… :slight_smile:…) and I also feel that there has been a shrinking of
this community. I have a few thoughts of this.

  1. Over the past 16 - 17 years I’ve really used very little support
    directly from QNX (QSSL, or whatever) and found that the community forums
    supplied about 90+% of my answers. Most of which was not through questions,
    but through reviewing the postings for similar issues. Early on when I had
    to contact QNX the support was quick and it was easy to get to someone
    technical. Sadly over the past few years this has not been the case.
    Perhaps this is just the result of growth, I don’t know, but it bothers me
    that QNX no longer seems to take an interest in its users to the degree it
    use to. To me this drives people away.

  2. I’ve kept with QNX4, so far, because I think it is still the best
    “real-time” operating system out there. I’ve worked in the Microsoft world,
    the Linux world, BSD, and even back to the old VAX days. To me nothing
    beats working with QNX4. And I’ve shown several customers the benefits of
    QNX over others OS’s with great success. I’ve also come across companies
    that have told me they tried QNX and found it too difficult to work with.
    Most of those I associate with MS programmers trying to learn how to really

  3. The Internet. A great source of information when you can filter through
    all the junk. :slight_smile:

  4. Linux. I must admit that I now look to this OS as a viable solution to
    any project. It has grown more stable along with my understanding of it.

On a side note I’d like to thank everyone who has posted to these groups for
more help than I can recount.


“Ken Schumm” <> wrote in message

Just curious. I’ve been using QNX since version 1.1 in the early 80’s and
have seen big changes in the QSSL since that time. Lots of prolific QNX
users from the past seem to have moved on as the market changed and QNX
moved upscale.