QNX 4.25 traceinfo oddity?

I was exploring some of QNX’s features and ran across the traceinfo command. When I ran it, I noticed I would get at least 100 errors a second saying:

“Aug 10 10:06:58 3 00002005 Serial Port 0298, Carrier Detected
Aug 10 10:06:58 3 00002006 Serial Port 0298, Hangup”

over and over and over.

Is this something to be concerned about? Serial traffic seems to be working correctly, however, I don’t see these issues on all machines with the same serial hardware connected. Any idea what might be causing this? Is there a specific command I should be looking for in our serial port interface software that might be causing this?

Thank for any insight…

It means some of the signal on the serial port are changing (CTS/DTS/RTS etc). You can get rid of this by making sure these signals aren’t left floating.

Thanks! It turns out one of the cables built for that port had the shield (which was floating) tied to the CTS pin. Whoops.

It did the trick for a while, but now I am getting these entires, at about the same rate:

“Aug 10 14:13:29 3 00006005 00000667”
“Aug 10 14:13:29 3 00006005 00000000”
“Aug 10 14:13:29 3 00004037 00000001 00000000 0000CBA2 00002429”

How cryptic…any idea what this means?