Creating a OS image to boot from


I’ve got a SBS x86 VR7 board with 128M of Flash Disk.
I’m trying to create a OS image that I can boot from, using QNX6 Momentics.
I’ve got a build file which I’ve edited, then I ran mkifs utility.
So I’ve got this *.ifs file, my problem is coping this file to my .altboot file.

When I run

cp -f test.ifs /.altboot

I get the following error

#cp -f test.ifs /.altboot
cp: can’t unlink file /.altboot
:Resource busy
cp: can’t open destination file. (/.altboot): Resource busy


radmec :unamused:

Don’t use -f.
.boot and .altboot are special that they can’t be removed. You can overwrite
them, but you can’t remove them. ‘-f’ means remove it first, which won’t work.

cp test.ifs /.altboot

would work for you.


I got a x86 VME SBC connected in a VME rack, with a 128 flash disk, with CD and hard disk (6M).

I’ve got full QNX 6.2.1 running on the hard disk.

I need to load a cut down version of QNX + Application on to the flash disk.

What is the best way to do this.

What I had in mind was to write a build file, which only runs potions of the QNX I need, and at the end run the application. Then run Mifs on the build file then copy the image to .altboot.

If any one has any better ideas or just to confirm what I’m doing is OK, it would be much appreciated.

Best Regards

Radmec :confused: