installing usb

Hello, I have installed QNX 6.2.1 but I cant install USB to the mouse, where I get IO-USB it´s not in sbin,


It’s ‘io-usb’, not ‘IO-USB’. The uppercase/lowercase matters.


sorry, It was a mistake, but my question is if I cant get a io-usb witout install all QNX 6.2.1 again

I have no idea if there is another way to get io-usb.

I know mine was installed by default so I am not sure why you didn’t get one.


Note that you have to leave your CD in when rebooting during installation, even though it says you have to take it out.

Also, I remember seeing stuff in the 6.2.1 manual about USB mice, you’d better go check that out too.

But you’re probably better of plugging in a good old PS/2.