help, boot embedded system

I’m new QNX. I write a program in QNX momentics 6.2 (Hello world). I want it run on PC104(Axiom) but I dont know to send my program to PC104. Thanks.

It’s not very clear what you are asking. Do you have QNX running on your PC104? Does it have a development environment on it, or is that on another system? Does it have a hard drive, a floppy drive, a network card? If you are cross developing, you could create a boot file with your program embedded with it.

I don’t have QNX run on PC104. My PC104 has harddisk and serial port. I have a PC run QNX Neutrino and QNX Momentics 6.2. How I could creat a boot file with my program embedded and send it to my PC104? Thanks!

There is a nice section in the online documentation about how to embedded QNX.