TCP/IP enabled printer?

When I tryed to print to another TCP/IP printer everything was working
I don’t really know if the problem is this HP Deskjet 6980 but, in order to
do not spend more time, I’ve switched to USB connection whitch is simpler
and I specially recommend to print using the Qnx native network



“David Porta” <> escribió en el mensaje


First, I want to thanks for all the answers…

I still cannot print. This is a short description of what I am trying to
do. Maybe someone can take a look:

The Printer is called Impresora and is in the same network of my Qnx
Neutrino machine (called nodo1).
Impresora is a HP Deskjet 6980 and I would like to use it as network

I can ping with no problems from nodo1 to Impresora. Also I can connect
with voyager to it.
Another test (thanks John A. Murphy) is to “print something” using telnet:
telnet Impresora -9100 and write something…OK

my configuration:
/etc/hosts (with nodo1 and Impresora)
:rp:Impresora:sd=/usr/spool/output/lpd/Impresora (the
folder exists)

#lprc enable all
#lprc start all
#lpr -PImpresora file.txt

I cannot print…
#lprc status
queuing is enabled
printing is enabled
1 entry in spool area
waiting to Impresora to come up

Something wrong??



“David Porta” <>> > escribió en el mensaje
news:engnlf$kja$>> …

I just want to print a snapshot over a TCP/IP printer, say HP Deskjet
6980…At this point the only thing I can do is to connect with voyager
to the IP address of the printer. My system is neutrino 6.3 SP1.

I’ve read in the documentation the chapter "Remote printing to a
TCP/IP-enabled printer using lpr but when I try to print, lpr says
“Please start lpd” and when I start lpd, it stops…I don’t even know if
lpr is what I need?

Maybe somebody can tell me the steps I have to follow to be able to print
or a good reference in the documentation…