What PC's are compatible with QNX 6.2.sp2?

Does anyone have a list of mfgr/model of PC’s or even a PC that is compatible with QNX 6.3.sp2?

I need to purchase several for target machines. And, the new Dell Dimension 3100 is NOT compatible.


I don’t know if such a list exists, however the problems are usually not computer related, but peripheral related. For example, a computer with a RAID disk controller is unlikely to work. Most video will work with Photon, but without accelerator support, scrolling can be sluggish. My guess is that your problem with the 3100 is the SATA support.

6.3 SP3, currently in beta, supports more new machines, including S-ATA. The motherboard ‘Asus P5LD2-VM’, which can for example be found in T-Systems PC’s, works with 6.3 SP3 beta, except for Audio.
Also, a lot of patches for SP2 have been released, many of them have new drivers.