ohpaged flag

Hi. I have an app who write to a device throw the serial port. Sometimes it stop working, and when I see the configuration of the serial port the ohpaged flag is enable(+). After my stty -ohpaged < /dev/ser1 it start working again and its fine. Well: After a time (let say 1 day working fine), it failed again. And guest what: ohpaged is enabled egain.

Who set this flag ??. Not me.

No ideas?. I fixed the problem by unsetting the flag everytime before I write to the port and now its working fine. I still don’t underestand.

I’ve a similar problem. The same thing is happening (other app in other PC) with de output control flags.

I start the manager Dev32.ser (QNX4) whit no parmeters, so it sopouse to start with “hardware flow control” by default. After a time I see that the ihflow ohflow and lkhflow ar disable(-)

Please, somebody have an idea of what’s happening?
Thanks a lot

I only have experience with the QNX 4 implimentation. The ohpaged flag on means
flow control has kicked in. This can be software flow control, typically meaning you received an XOFF char, or hardware flow control which means you are monitoring one or both of the flow control lines. If you are using software flow control, and you turn ohpaged off, flow will continue until another XOFF comes in. If you are using hardware flow control, then unless the flow control lines have switched, the device will turn ohpaged on again immediately. In some circumstances, turn off flow control must be followed by turning ohpaged off to get things going.

Ok. I start to understand. But, what if I want to keep software flow control fixed? How can I do ?. In fact, this is what I need. I have to keep software flow control (this work with my periferical device) but the ohpaged flag MUST to keep off always. Is there some way to do this?. By the way, I disable this flag every time before I write to the port again.
Thank’s for your cooperation!