problems starting io-net

when i start io-net to load my network driver (i’m using qnx6.2.1A PatchB)
then it comes up with:

unresolved symbol: iofunc_power()

this problem doesn’t occur when i used the older version: qnx6.2.1

is my LD_LIBRARY_PATH incorrect?


You probably still have the old image (old in /proc/boot).
uname -a to confirm, I think you can do a

cp /boot/fs/qnxbase.ifs /.boot

to recover. (depends on how the upgrade going …)

We are also facing the same problem, i was using io-net without any problems with 6.2.1 but when started using 6.2.1 B

i am getting the error
unresolved symbol: iofunc_power()
when starting io-net

I have seen something similar when you have a mismatch between the boot image and the file system - for example if you boot off the cd after you have upgraded. It looks like the libc you are running is the older one and io-net is the newer one.

So as xtang says, make sure you copy the latest ifs to .boot - depending upon your situation, this may require a rebuild (if you are using PE/SE and have a custom image).