Service Pack I and II

Is there any recomendation about SP I & II ?. Is the order of installation relevant?.
I tried once to install SP I & II. But after this I started to have problemas with the IDE, more errors msg of jvm and I could not debug anymore. (I finally removed the SPs).
Any help please?

After install of 6.3.0, you directly should install SP2. It comes with a completely new IDE (Eclipse version). Some errors about restoring perspectives are normal and will disappear after the first time.
Not sure what went wrong with debugging, I did not have such a problem after installing SP2. Maybe you should re-create your target and/or launch configuration. Of course you should have SP2 on your target, too, else there can be confusion of qconn, libraries.

Ok, I continue with the same problems… When I debug the pvm went blocked and I can’t kill it in any way… I can’t debug… Any idea please?