new in QNX comunity --- difference / samba/ networking ?

Hello all,
i try the QNX 621 (non comercial version) install on my machine P166 , works ok (better then my W98SE were on it before). So i like it. Fine, fast and stabile for now. Instaling all packages from qnxpub100 and qnxpub621 CDroms were too extremly precise…:)))

/mozilla, opera, sambachatklient, netmonitor, abiword, vi, wim… all work correctly… //

  • using BASH, could i use BASH as default shell ???
  • how can i set up the only console mode with more screens (as linux/unix)
  • Xfree86 (is NEED it ) to run some apps ? (am i right ?)
  • … maybe i must read the fucking manual first but i ask here:

I use Mandrake on 2nd machine, so could i use the HOME configuration ?
Could I use Gnome enviroment ?(in combination with remote HOme ?)
Is needet Xfree86, …

Is possible to remove Photon and make Neutrino to run with Xfree86 and other linuxlike sessions/enviroments ?

// What really suprise to me, is that: after install the OS machine is connected to LAN switch and it seem to be down for all sniff/detected software… all ports close…so ROOT muset set up all again… this is not exist on Windows or Linux (of course i mean on some distribution with graphics installer)

So i go to print the doc files :))) …btw: on 1st try to install, its detect my videocard correctly but on 2nd or 3rd try the system detect only VESA and VGA … is it normal ???

thanks for any reply…

Yes, you can remove Photon and install xfree in it’s place, and assuming you want to use the machine as desktop this might even make sense. The other option is to use XPhoton, and run your favorite X apps inside Photon (of course, if they aren’t currently ported, you’ll have to port them).

I’m not sure I understand what you are refering to with the ports etc, but do you have inetd running ?

You have 4 console logins. Use ctrl-alt-1,2,3,4 to access them.

If you want to use bash, install the bash package from the QNX Online repository and update your /etc/passwd entry to use /usr/bin/bash instead of /bin/sh.

If you install XPhoton and the supporting XFree86 packages from QNX Online you can run X apps (local or remote) inside of Photon. This is is required for things like gimp, dia and gaim.

ad_ports_etc: just i SCAN the newly installed machine with QNX 621 by linux programe nmap (with forcescan) and nmap could not scan anything from the machine…so it suprise me :slight_smile:)))
if you try nmap on linux or windows on default configuration you will see a lot of open ports…i think (mean that HTTP is ususaly on port 80 samba use 319 and 913 , 419 for ICQ and so on … ///

but thanks for info it is make me a bit clear situation about Xphoton / Photon / Xfree :slight_smile:))

Hm, maybe i pres CTRL+ALT+F instead CTRL+ALT+
oh dear :slight_smile:)))))))) i am such an late night idiot…:smiley:DDD //
ad_Bash: thnx, installed work ok, i just make some edits in config files…
/not so much time to "play"with os :slight_smile: /
anyway thanks for reply …all guys