ifconfig / devn-ne2000.so & NIC with UM9008F

I have a PC/104 NIC with an UM9008F chip.
The chip should be NE2000 compatible.

I use the following commands (on QNX 6.3.2):

io-net -d ne2000 -p tcpip -p qnet
ifconfig en0 up

When the Ethernet cable is plugged in the NIC (RJ45) the commands works fine. But when no cable is plugged into the NIC the ifconfig command hangs until I plug a cable into the NIC.

I tested the same commands with a NIC with a RTL8019AS chip, and they works fine without a plugged cable.

The UM9008F NIC has worked without problems at QNX 4.x.
(The card is not damaged.)

Is there any way that the ifconfig command don’t hangs the complete system until I plug an ethernet cable ?

I tried also “ifconfig … &” but it doesn’t help.