ftp is Instable in QNX6.3.0 ?

sometimes ftp is very fast between qnx OS . but sometimes it is very slow. and it is unregular . who know the reason ? Thanks!

We found the FTP client in QNX6 is unreliable, without being able to determine the cause. If you only need ftp get, use wget instead. If you need ftp put - try other clients.



in QNX6.3.0, besides ftp client ,there is a tftp client. is tftp reliable . and how to configure the tftp.

if we want  to use Windows to access the Qnx by ftp, and it's also unreliable. do you have some good advice ? Thanks!

We found that a setup with Windows FTP Client <–> QNX6 FTP Server works well.

As far as I know, TFTP server and client are part of standard Neutrino distribution.

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Ok, Thanks albrecht.
I just use the Windows URL to connect the QNX6 FTP server, I will download a ftp client to have a try !