Help me for write embedded program

I am new QNX developer. I want to write embedded program by QNX momentics 6.3.0 run on PC 104. I have a PC104 and harddisk but I don’t know starting what. Please help me! Thank!

Some questions,

  1. Is QNX 6.3.0 loaded on the PC104?
  2. What type of program do you want to write?
    Application? GUI? Photon? Communication? Web? Controller?
  3. What type of help do you need?
    Setup? ‘C’ programming? Architecture questions?

The more information about your problem you give,
the better the answers will be.

Thank for your help!
1.QNX 6.3.0 isn’t loaded on the PC104.
2. My program is controller
3. I had a small C program
4. I want you show me to run my C program (It is written by QNX Momentics 6.3 ) on my PC104. How I can send my program to PC104. Thank!

you have to make PC104 QNX bootable (this can be done in two ways, either create a QNX image for PC 104 or go through full QNX installation) you then need to treat PC 104 as your target system and have your development system connect to your target either by TCP/IP or serial. Once connection is made from your development system you can use Qconn to connect to your target and rest is history.

Have you taken a look at the QNX Quickstart Guide? It describes all steps you need to do to get started.

Thank you